Guest Blogger Lacy and Her Adoption Story

Meet my Guest Blogger Lacy and Her Adoption Story.  I have known Lacy and her family since….oh…..the beginning of time.  I’ve had the privilege of watching her, as a child (and getting bit by her), and I have also watched her grow into a beautiful young woman with a strong faith, loving family, and strong work ethic.  She is married to Nathan.  They are parents of Katelynn, Kaleb, and Kastyn.  Here is her story 🙂


Nathan and I met and started dating in March of 2003. He immediately let me know that he had a 7-year-old daughter, and a couple of weeks later, I met Katelynn. It was love at first sight for me, with Nathan and Katelynn.

Love Finds a Way

I was an immature 23-year-old at that time, and had recently gotten out of a relationship and had no plans of getting serious again so quick. Love had other plans and we were married in October, 6 months after first meeting.

Katelynn and I formed a strong bond right away. She did not have much contact with her biological mother and loved the special mom/ daughter time that we had together. Transitions for our new family were going smoothly until out of nowhere Katelynn’s mother showed up in Paducah demanding to see her. Apparently, word had gotten back to her that things were “normalizing” for Katelynn and she didn’t like it.

Poor Choices of Others

To make a long story short, she ran off with Katelynn. It was the longest two days of my life. Finally, she was returned to us.  Sadly, this was only after we filed for an EPO. The next 6 months were filled with court proceedings and many lawyer visits, as we jumped through legal hoops. The final decision was made in our favor. However, Nathan and I were given sole custody with only supervised visits for Katelynn’s bio mother.

Katelynn’s Reality

Sadly, about a month after this decision was made, she simply said Katelynn was not worth the $150 a month child support and completely signed over her rights. In August of 2004, I legally adopted my girl. Our story could have had a much different outcome. Even though in the long run, Katelynn ended up with a stable family, it did not take her long to understand what really happened when she was 8 years old.

We had always just kept the story simple and told her that her mother wanted me to adopt her because she knew it would be best for her. As a preteen and teenager, she struggled with abandonment issues and struggled in high school with anxiety.

Success in the Face of Adversity

Our story is an adoption success story. Katelynn is 21 now. Now, she is engaged to a fine young man.  Also, she is a nurse. One day she will be an amazing mother. She is a wonderful sissy to her two younger brothers. We are so very proud of all that she has overcome and accomplished. God truly put a special light in that child and we love to see it shine!


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