Review: Let the Little Children Come

I am THOROUGHLY surprised at this little gem of a packet.  I did not originally set out to review it because I had enough on my plate…..then I thought……maybe this evangelism kit can someone help with Hunter, as he gets older.

I was really not sure the quality or what all was in this packet, but anything kid related to help my 3 yr old understand the power of what Jesus did on the cross…..for him….I figured I could handle 🙂

This packet comes in a sturdy plastic case that is easy for my little dude to carry around.  There is a plus, right there.  It is colorful and the outside leaflet is full of smiling kids or all races, countries, and genders.  Plus.  All of the items are for little hands to wag around.

The first 2 things I pulled out were these little pop up books.  SCORE.  The first one is “The Lost Easter Egg” and it threads through the Lost Sheep Parable found in the Bible.  We read that multiple times.  Now, the second one is what blows my mind.  The past several months (read years with some kids)…..we have a HUGE lying, stealing, and fighting issue that is exhausting.  I’ve tried spanking, taking things away, making them write Scripture, one daughter actually had to leave for a bit to pull herself together.  I’m so sick of the lying.  I’m sick of the stealing and I simply do not understand.  I do not know what more I can do.  This little pop up book, “The Most Amazing House,” I read to my baby while my boys (the culprits) were across the table doing schoolwork….pretending like they were not listening.

The book talks about our mansion in heaven, but due to sin in our lives, we cannot get to our mansion on our own accord because of sin “the bad things we do.”  Then I read this page “Sin is anything we do that makes God unhappy.  Telling lies, fighting, and stealing are examples of sins.  The punishment for our sins is that we can’t get to this amazing house.  But don’t worry.  There’s someone who can help.” **I bolded the words that I loved.**  I could see their eyes glancing up at me….almost in anxiousness to finish this little 4 page pop up book.

With this packet (apart from the pop up books), are 2 bracelets that share the salvation story.  One is a silicone bracelet with the different colors of the salvation story.  The other is one that you make, with the beads of the corresponding colors.  I will be reading the stories, again, to my boys and wearing the bracelets might be their reminder to think before they lie, steal, or fight.

Next up are 4 little animated tracts.  2 are about the verse John 3:16, 1 is the story of Christmas, and the last one is “Where’s Everybody Going.”  The pictures are a bit distorted, but that is purposeful.  There is a little plastic sheet cover to place over the distorted pictures and it makes the picture move.  Very cool.

There are also 2 little “FlipAbouts” that reminds me of a puzzle type thing.  You flip the two ends around until the pictures match and there is a reminder of God’s goodness on each one.

Lastly, there is a little plain booklet.  It has no writing on it and it has the basic salvation colors on it.  Yellow, Black, Red, White, and Green.  Yellow reminds us of heaven.  God loves us and wants us all to be with him in heaven. The black color reminds us of sin.  Because we have all sinned, we cannot be with God.  The red reminds us of the blood of Jesus.  Jesus took the punishment for our sins by dying on the cross.  The white color reminds us that we believe in Jesus, we will be made clean from sin.  We now can have a relationship with God and will one day be with him in heaven.  The green reminds us that it is important to grow in our relationship with Jesus.







Let The Little Children Come aims to provide effective gospel tracts and evangelism tools and resources for children.

It is the hope that these tools and resources will help you in conveying the powerful gospel message to children.

the gospel tracts are all specially designed to capture and hold the attention of children, while not distracting them from the core message of salvation through Jesus Christ.



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