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Meet my Guest Blogger Jess.  My name is Jess so blessed and what a privilege it is to be a Wife/Mom. All our lives are works in progress in all we do. So always constantly loving to learn and see what God has next but so thankful.

1. How did you and Adam decide to adopt in the first place?

Always been a dream of mine. I grew up in an internationally adoptive family and worked a lot in orphanages around the world – so thankful for my parents for letting me spread my wings and do what I wanted to do even when I was 13yrs oldish. But I brought it up to Adam before we were engaged and he never thought about adopting before but I told him I wasn’t interested in marriage if it wasn’t an option. He obviously was in for it. 6 months after marriage we started the adoption process I knew it would take about 2 yrs to do paperwork, fingerprints, USCIS, and adoption process fully. Which it did.

2. What made you choose adoption before biological?

No reason really why we adopted before biological we just did.

3. How has each addition impacted your family?

Its impacted us so beautifully such a blessing it’s so exciting each time it’s a blessing. Both extended families are so open to it. My (Jess) family its just normal

4. What are some of the trials that you have faced (whether it be disability, health, socially, etc)?

Of course health parasites and such but nothing out of the ordinary, socially of course anytime you have a big family either some will welcome you and other places you go people aren’t sure what to do with you

5. How did your families react to your adoptions?

Kind of see the answer in question 3 – I will also add they reacted well my family really excited. My brother owns and runs a children’s home with his wife (orphan herself) in Romania so its kind of in our genes. My sister married an international adoptee herself – so it’s just a pure blessing.  Adams family not used to adoption his dad always has a positive reaction excited.

Adam’s mom sometimes she gets overwhelmed easily over anything but overall she gets really excited. Adam’s only sister (and brother in law) have adopted domestically as well. all kids are blessings we know that we aren’t Gods plan B for these kids but his plan A (He doesn’t make mistakes in what his plans are). But it does come with healing and praying that they follow Christ and come to know Christ.

6. How do you answer the obvious, annoying, questions of how large your family is?

Oh, so many annoying questions but I have been hearing these questions since I was a kid so little used to it. Most people aren’t meaning anything most of the time but most of the time I just say yes we are busy just like you but oh so blessed (that usually shuts them up) that’s the most common question I get.

7. What are some of the joys that you have had in adoption?

Joy in seeing kids and knowing that we are that forever family

8. What are some things that people should know before adopting?

It can be a great experience and remember kids biological or adoptive can come with “baggage” Adoption is hard and stressful right from the start with paperwork, waiting, delays, to getting used to things at home but all kids are blessings. But it does come with healing and praying that they follow Christ and come to know Christ.

9. How has it been adopting out of age order since most books and/or experts do not advise that?

It has worked out well for us and worked out well for myself growing up (all of us were adopted out of order) sure not for everyone but if God calls you to do it go and do it. Remember you hear the “horror” stories much louder and I think there are many more fabulous stories if only people would share them (kind of like the News in general bad/sad news always makes headlines more than good stories)


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