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Another “cook out of the pantry” few weeks…..This week, at the grocery, I had to buy lunch and breakfast foods.  In doing that, it depletes my 2 week grocery budget :/  I will be making more granola, breakfast burritos, and I may tackle some granola bars…we shall see.  I still have muffins left over from last month (they are frozen).  By doing this OAMC breakfast cooking, it will keep my costs down with buying cereal or prepackaged food.

Lunch….we still do leftovers, but lately my ravenous children have been consuming all the food that I cook at night.  I mean, I have to feed them, ya know.  Little pigs LOL  I’m going to see how far I can stretch it without going to the grocery for anything more than fruit and milk.

Week 1

Chicken and Potato Casserole, Corn pudding, and Asparagus with Feta

Zuppa Toscana & Chili

Garlic Herb Steak & Potatoes, rolls, lima beans

Ham & Hashbrown Casserole, corn, peas

Pizza (kids will have chili mac)


Week 2

Spaghetti, Artisan bread, salad



Beef & Broccoli and Rice

Chicken Cheddar Ranch Casserole, mac & cheese, green beans

Tomato Basil & Cheeseburger Soup

Week 3

Chicken Alfredo

Vegetable Beef Soup/Chicken Noodle Soup

Roast & Potatoes with mushroom gravy, corn, green beans, mac & cheese



Pizza (kids will have chili mac again)

I have enough food, in my pantry and freezer to accommodate all these meals.  I will need to get another thing of pizza sauce and some fresh mushrooms.  I also need to get buns.  To fill in, we will need fresh fruit and bread….possibly cheese because, you know….I love cheese.

The next week is Thanksgiving week and my oldest daughter’s 22nd birthday, so supper for that day (the 24th) is her pick 🙂  I’m hoping that I do not have to do grocery shopping for a couple of weeks (until the next paycheck comes through) because I’ve almost tapped out this last paycheck LOL

Rule:  Never go to the store hungry because then you buy things you really do not want/need.



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