Cooking Out of My Pantry Menu

So, Big Daddy does not get paid until the 30th of October….so I’m a little wonky on our budget.  I went over by $16 for our groceries, this week….that included dishwasher tabs and a case of pullups….so really, I was good on food but behind on my “misc” envelope.  I tanked that envelope because Fabulous Frannie had buy 3 get one free plus 15% off and I needed to replace some… I did 🙂

With that being said, I am cooking out of my pantry this week (and possibly next week).  I do this, occasionally to save money.  So, when I grocery shop, on the weeks that I cook out of my pantry, I do bulk breakfast foods or I buy extra cans of things that I can stockpile.  I also buy fresh fruits and veggies.



Chili and Pasta E Fagioli

Beef & Broccoli, rice

Italian Pork Tenderloin, Steak Fries, Corn pudding, Peas

Pasta Casserole, Bread (already had on hand)


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