Guest Blogger Helen Birk

Guest Blogger Helen Birk

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Things Kids Should Know About Halloween besides Trick-Or-Treating

The big holiday is coming, and you are sick and tired of trick-or-treating but are not aware of what else to do on Halloween – we know the story. You might not feel you are a kid anymore or you do not have an amazing experience of trick-or-treating. It does not matter why you do not want to do it anymore, the fact is there are many other things to do! If you wish to find out about the things kids should know about Halloween apart from trick-or-treating, then keep on reading!

Apple Bobbing

One of the best family Halloween activities is apple bobbing. For some reason, it is not that popular, however, it is really easy to organize and very fun to play. All you have to do is prepare a big bowl with water and drop some apples there. The apples float at the surface of the water, and the task for the participants would be to catch apples with their teeth not using the hands. Sometimes, to prevent cheating, hands are tied behind the back. It seems pretty easy, however, it is absolutely not. It is super fun because in the end, all the participants are wet but happy. The adults even fill in the bowl with alcohol so that after trying to catch the apple and drinking so much liquid, they get a bit tipsy.

Halloween Party

Instead of kids’ trick-or-treating, organize an amazing Halloween party at your house. Invite people you like and make the freak night costumes contest. Just do what the kids would do at the party: dance, communicate, eat Halloween snacks, play Halloween games, and watch horror films. It will be really fun if you get ready for the event as required. No way! Are you overloaded with tons of academic assignments that is why you cannot get prepared in a good manner for the holiday party? Stop googling: “I need someone to write my paper” – visit our website and keep on thinking how to entertain yourself on Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

This can be a part of your holiday party, but it would be much cooler if you organize the separate pumpkin carving contest in the daytime. It is one of the many Halloween activities you cannot miss if you want the real atmosphere of the holiday. All you have to do is announce you are holding the pumpkin carving contest in your house so that all the people who wish to participate could bring their carved pumpkins to your place. You have to define the judges and the prizes for the first three winners. Do not forget to have the extra prizes on the chance you cannot decide who the winner between two participants is and give the first (or second, or third) place to both. You have to encourage people to be maximum creative, and you cannot have a small party with drinks and snacks afterward.

Horror Movie Marathon

Okay, this can be a part of your holiday party, however, we advise you to organize the horror movie marathon separately. One of the best things to do on Halloween would be to watch films connected with the holiday and believe us, there are so many! You should invite all the people who you want to see – these people have to be diligent and really watch the films. Some friends of yours are good, however, they are more about partying and chatting that is why you have to be careful about who you invite. You will need to buy a lot of snacks and download the needed movies. You have to prepare the list of films beforehand. Be very picky about what you choose – the night has to be scary!

Fill a Piñata

This kind of entertainment is not that popular, however, it is super fun! You have to create the piñata itself. It can be of any form – think about making it in the form of Frankenstein’s head! Then you have to fill it in with different candies and chocolates. The funniest part is breaking the piñata – you gather a crowd of kids and start kicking and punching the piñata. When the ground underneath is covered with candies, the kids can take as much as they can. It will be even cooler to create several piñatas and break them every two hours – believe us, you would never get bored of it!

A Bit About Helen

Helen Birk is a writer and a freelance worker. She helps students with writing essays and provides other research paper editing services. Her life credo is based on three layers: “1) Be curious, question everything and experiment. 2) Do what you know to do. 3) Respect others and live your values.”

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