Essential Oils

You Know What I Love About….

Essential Oils?

I love that my husband and kids do not ask for Tylenol, Ibuprofen, allergy meds, antibiotic ointment, etc.

Noah:  Mom, my nose is running.  Do you have a potion for that?

Me:  Yep, get the allergy roller bottle out and rub it in your hands and then put some on a tissue and smell it.  It will dry you up.  Also, get the immune roller and put it on your feet, just in case.

**I also get the onguard going in the diffuser with peppermint, lavender, breathe, and lemon in case it is a cold.**

G:  Mom, these zits are out of control.  Do you have an oil for that.

Me:  Yep, get the acne roller and put it on your face morning and night.  It will dry it up.

Alyssa:  Mom, can you put your oils in my shampoo to help my hair grow.

Me:  Yep.

Victoria:  Mom, I am struggling with my moods…can you make me a roller bottle?

Me:  Yep.

Big Daddy:  Brandi, can you make my knee medicine and then something for my goatee to be better.

Me:  Yep.

Hunter **after he saw my incisions from my surgery**:   Mommy, put some oils on your belly and you will feel better.

Hunter **before bed**:  Mom, can I have some oil on my wrists?

I have a wart…..Frankincense

I have skin tags….Frankincense

My arthritis is acting up….I need a roller bottle….panaway

I’m bleeding…..get the lavender.

Mom, we are out of cleaner…I’ll grab the vinegar and your oils.

My tooth hurts…I’ll grab the clove.

I have a belly ache…..Digestzen

Am I using oils to replace doctors?

Heck no.

We go to eye drs, regular drs, pediatricians, clinics, dentists, chiropractors….we go to them all and they take good care of us, but reality is is that Hunter cannot be around places like that because we have to do our best to keep him well.  When he is sick, his OMS rages like an angry lion and that leads to hospital stays, more chemo, more steroids, more IVIG and I do not want that for my 3 yr old.

Do oils heal everything?

That, I do not know.  All I know is that God is the Ultimate Healer and Physician.  I also know that I can take care of a lot of things here, from the privacy of my own home. When I can’t, I head to those that I entrust my children too.

This is not for everyone and I’m certainly not telling anyone how to live their lives and I am no doctor.

I am simply a mom…..trying to save money (hospital stays and chemo), do what is best for my family, eradicate the chemicals from my home, and do my best.

I have some Young Living, Doterra, Rocky Mountain Oils, Eden’s Garden, Puritan’s Pride, Fabulous Frannie, and Simply Earth oils.  All of these have passed the purity test EXCEPT Rocky Mountain Oils and it leaves a pretty good size oil stain….so there you have that.  Any questions…just ask 🙂

**Disclaimer:  I DO NOT sell them.  I am not brand loyal, though I do buy a brand and then I test it for purity.  If it is not pure….I don’t buy it anymore.  If it is, I count it a good day.**

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