7 Best Ways to Rest….

7 best ways to rest when you have a lack of free time

“Relaxation” is such a sweet word. What associations come to mind when you hear this word? Peace, sleep, warmth, recovery, energy, health, pleasure… First, you should believe in the existence of a quick rest; yes, it does exist. Every day in a hurry, a dull routine of work, this is a reality of a modern person. At the end of the day, you flake out like a squeezed lemon, cursing everything in the world. Meanwhile, it has already been proven that rest increases productivity. Such a recreation does not require large expenses or special equipment. Maybe you won’t believe, but you may find a lot of things to help you relax. Here you will find the most effective and the easiest relaxation tips.

  1. Water treatments

Baths are probably the most pleasant way of body relaxation. Fill the tub with warm water and add a few drops of lavender or rose oil. In general, any oils refer to relaxing things. The warm bath taken for 10-15 minutes calms the nervous system. During the bath, you can make a cosmetic mask that will help give your face freshness and remove swelling from the eyelids.

No less useful is to take a contrasting shower. The cold and hot shower will help not only to cheer up, but will also open the pores, the skin will acquire a healthy color, will begin to breathe fully, and you will feel a surge of energy.

  1. Cosmetic procedures

One more type of body relaxation involves various cosmetic procedures. Putting a refreshing mask on your face is a great way to let your skin rest. Besides, this does not require much time and money. You will need 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, cucumber juice, and some Greek yogurt. Mix these ingredients, take a clean cheesecloth, and put this mixture on it. Put the cheesecloth on a dry clean face (without touching the eyelids) and hold it for 10-15 minutes. Further, remove the cheesecloth, rinse your face with warm and cool water, and pat the skin dry. After such a mask, your skin will be saturated with vitamins. Be sure to humidify the skin with a cream after this mask.

  1. Breathe! Do not breathe!

And what are you thinking about? Of course, breathing exercises. They are one of the quickest and the most effective relaxation techniques. Slow, deep breathing can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. But you need to take it seriously, focus on your own breathing, completely ignore the noises around you, and try to hear your heartbeat. For a change, try pranayama breathing. This yogic method involves breathing first through one nostril and then another, and it is often applied to reduce anxiety.

  1. Mentally I’m here, but physically I’m not

In order to use this method, you need to relax body and mind. To cope with fatigue and get a charge of energy and strength, one may turn to the help of daydreaming. To do this, you don’t need to retire, you should just learn to turn off your consciousness in any convenient place, and it’s not that difficult as you think it is. In essence, you just need to close your eyes and imagine yourself in your most pleasant place. Once the picture becomes as detailed and emotional as possible, you can return to the real world with a rested brain, which gives a charge of strength and vigor to the entire body.

  1. With benefit to the body

Stretching: Do you have this image of the gym and graceful gymnasts in the twine? This is not necessary – you can stretch even without getting up from your workplace. Try to pull up and to the sides, different body rotations, slopes or, for example, this complex.

Yoga: One of the ways to relax at home. Many people think that yoga is very difficult and not suitable for a noisy city. However, it’s not like that at all. Yoga is a great way to take control of not only your body but your mind.

  1. Art

Listen to your favorite song: It’s amazing what transformations with our consciousness music can make. If you are upset or depressed, if you need to pull yourself together or relax, then try listening to your favorite song, and your thoughts will lean in a different direction.

Dance: Put together some energetic physical exercises, motivating cheerful music, and the flight of the soul. This mixture gives positive results in just a few minutes.

Books: This piece of art is for your exhausted mind. Yes, relaxing reading exists. Just read something for your soul, and it will help you take a break and plunge into the world of fantasy.

  1. 60 seconds

It will seem impossible, but you can rest for one minute. So, let’s begin.
1. Rub your palms – 5 seconds.
2. With hot hands, rub your cheeks vigorously – 5 seconds.
3. Drum with fingers on the top of the head – 5 seconds.
4. Gently massage your feet, paying special attention to your toes.
5. Clap on the entire length of your leg with your open palm.
With only one minute of such actions, you will immediately feel benefits of relaxation.

After using at least one of these methods, you will definitely have the strength for new achievements! Remember that overloading the body and mind is stressful and even dangerous. Get regular with relaxing, and you’ll be more productive and vigorous.


Joshua Robinson is a true professional of his “craft” and perfectionist. Joshua is a freelance writer at https://samedaypapers.com/, linguist, and literary critic. Joshua graduated from a linguistic institute and now lives in Pennsylvania. He is fond of rafting and reading, his pleasure is in writing articles on philosophy and literature. His motto for life: “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

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