Closing the Chapter of My Life

I had a small moment, yesterday, and really it is quite silly.

As I was in the bathroom for the umpteenth time, my brain (and emotions) got the best of me.

I realized that I had just permanently closed the door to ever carrying a child, in my womb, again.

Like ever.

Not that I wanted too carry another child.  I knew (know) the risk to my health and I know my age, but we have always regretted our decision to get Big Daddy’s vasectomy 13 yrs ago.  We felt like we took matters into our own hands and we did not leave them in the hands of God.

My friend is due to have her son, any day now.  It is such a beautiful thing to bring life into this world and I am honored to have brought 3 lives into this world BUT it does not take carrying a child in your womb to become a mom.

Maybe the Lord is stirring in my that we are not done yet.  That this is the close of one chapter, but another chapter is opening up.  In my mind’s eye….it seems like it is a stretch to bring more children into our home.  We have no room, we do not have enough beds, we have kids with some serious needs that we are addressing…


What if He takes one mountain from the Atlantic Ocean and crushes it into the Pacific Ocean.

Hey, it could happen 🙂


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