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Relaxation 101: Tip 2

I mentioned the other day, my beginning of a little series on relaxation.  This is my second tip, but this one can either be FREE or it can cost some money.


Peoples of the internet world….if you have never gotten a full body massage, you are missing out on a little slice of heaven in the real world.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I have fallen asleep, instantly.

I have woken myself up, during my massage, drooling.

I have also woken myself up snoring.

The music.

The quietness.

The smells.


Sometimes, I barter with a friend.  My service for her service.

Sometimes, I pay for it.  Cause it is worth it and so am I.

Sometimes, I lay on my floor and have a kid walk on my back.

Sometimes, I lay on floor and I have them rub my back, or use a torture device to get out the knots.

It is glorious.

When I pay for or barter for a service, I usually get an hour, full body.  I like a deep tissue massage…the more you “hurt” me the more I enjoy it.  It works out all those stress knots that I have accumulated.

Stop.  Get almost naked.  Drool.  Snore.  Enjoy.  Repeat.

You are worth it!

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