Happy 55th Anniversary Martha & Pop

So thankful the Lord saw fit to give me (your favorite child), you as parents.  You are both such an example of perseverance, love, dedication, and faithfulness.  Your faith is Jesus and your love for Him shows most (LOL) all of the time.  I am blessed and I’m so thankful that you stopped having children after you reached perfection (again, me)….sorry you had to endure Shane, Kim and Tera before you were granted greatness.  We won’t tell them they are “special” cause that just isn’t right.  We all know the truth….I’m getting off topic.  I love you two!  From:  Your Favorite Daughter (Brandi in case you forgot)…

Pretty babies….all of 16 & 18
Stud. Muffin.
Oh, Droopy!!!
Homemade haircuts and outfits. Tera had just been beat cause she was not cooperating LOL
This pictures cracks me up. Daddy’s belt…’s hair Bwahahaha
The epitome of the 70s wrapped up in one photo.
One of my favorite pictures of Martha and Pop!

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