Operation “Get My Life Together”: Capsule Wardrobe

In my night time Youtube obsession, I came across something that I used to do and now it has a fancy name LOL.  It is called a Capsule Wardrobe.  I do this more, for the kids, then I do for me because my closet is quite large and can accommodate all my clothes.  My kids, I keep things for the season in their rooms and what is off season, I put in sterilite containers and I store it on the left side of my attic.  Every 3 mths or so, I would go through their socks, the socks with no mates and their underwear.  Anything with holes got thrown away….socks found their mates, especially if I had to throw 1 sock away because of a hole….there were “lost” extras in the sock basket.  This kept me  on top of replacing what needed to replace and find what I needed to find.

I found that my stuff was getting out of control!  I do not like buying clothes.  I’d rather have a rusty nail in my eye then go to a store to try on clothes.  I do like zulily, at times, but I find that their clothes are too thin, don’t fit right, and they take FOREVER to get to me.  Typically I will find a style shirt I like and then buy one in a couple of colors for variety LOL.  It is really sad.  I do not, however, have a shoe problem.  Flip flops all the way with a pair of boots, tennis shoes, and some nice sandals.  Now, my purses…that is another issue.  I have a problem.  I love purses.  All of them.  All the time.  Oohh…rabbit trail and sort of makes me want to go to the Coach website to see what is on sale, but I will refrain because we are still on track for getting out of debt.

To start my capsule wardrobe, I first, went through to pull out all the items that were too small and that I could not pass down to my girls.  That was pretty easy.  Then I went through and chose ones that I just really didn’t like. I bagged up those clothes.  Out of sight = out of mind.   The next step I took was to turn all my hangers around backwards.  For 6 mths, I pulled out of my closet to wear clothes, as normal.  After that 6 mths, the hangers that were still backwards were ones that I had not worn in that time frame.  I assessed those things and for the most part, I got rid of most of them.  All my too small, too big, too ugly, didn’t wear clothes went to a consignment shop.  From there, they were resold and I received a percentage of the sales.  What did not sell, was given to a local shelter or needline to help those less fortunate.  It is a win win situation.

Now with what is left.  This is where the CAPSULE WARDROBE begins.  I separate out the spring/summer from the fall/winter clothes.  Right now, we are approaching fall.  The off season can be stored in my attic.  From this point I start figuring out how many pieces I want in my capsule wardrobe.  The normal amount is about 30 pieces (I do not count bras/socks/underwear/shoes and some people do count those in their core pieces).

I have a goal and it is pretty simple.  Get up…get dressed….where my own clothes instead of Big Daddy’s clothes.  They are easier and more comfy but I look like a sloth.  I find that I do not fix my hair or do anything with my face….not even lotion if I wear his clothes.  This affects my depression in a big way.  I have gained so much weight that I did not even realize because I wear his clothes and they are huge on me.  It is time to take a step in the right direction.   Declutter.  Make some money.  Simplify my life.  Enjoy minimalism.  When my home is decluttered my mind is decluttered.

A capsule wardrobe are pieces of your wardrobe that can easily be interchangeable.  Like I can wear almost any of my shirts (tshirts or dress shirts) with my blue jeans.  Do I need 8 pair of jeans?  Nope.  I need 2 maybe 3.  When I switch out seasons, I can get out 3 more pair of blue jeans and put the old 3 pair back in the sterilite container (does that make sense).  I live in t-shirts but I do go to church, so I need some nicer stuff to wear there.  I have some cotton dresses that can be worn alone or in the winter, I can pair them with some cute leggings and boots.  1 dress…many outfits.  I also love jogging pants….do I need 10 pair?  Nope.  The more I have the more I will wear them.  My goal is to move out of wearing things with elastic and wear more fitted things that do not make me look like I am wearing a potato sack.  I need 2 pair and that is it.  Something comfy after a long day.

After I am done, I will create a new post that lists what I have chosen.  I am excited.  I have cleaned out and organized almost every nook and cranny of my house and this is the next step.  I am hoping Big Daddy lets me do his side, as well….we shall see.

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