Cleaning and Organizing: Laundry Room

I am going to do a little series of organizing my house.  I L.O.V.E. to organize.  Love Love Love it.  I believe, in one of my earlier posts, I stated that I had been in a season of depression.  A long, sucky season of depression and I’m working hard to pull out of it and to reclaim what I know is True.  Those Truths come from the Word and I have to remind myself that I’m not worthless….that I am a princess of the King.  He knew me before He created the world.  He knew my name….my beginning… middle….my end and all the stuff in between.  How awesome is that?

So…with school beginning with the kiddoes….I decided to reclaim my house, one room at a time.  Now, I have decluttered quite a bit.  As I have had good days, I’ve been able to go through a few things at a time, so it may not look like I have done much, but much has been done behind the scenes.  Keep that in mind 🙂

I wish I had gotten a “before” picture of the laundry. Now, bear in mind, that our next agenda is to repaint the laundry room and the ceiling.  We’ve had to do some remodeling of things due to a leaky roof.  I am also wanting to knock out the closet.  It is a home for many mice and I’m over it.  I want a new main door and a storm door on the back.  I also want a white door to put on the entrance to the house.  Our goal is to get the AC working out there.  I would love to put my utility sink back out there, but we have to find the long lost clog that is obstructing life.  We are, eventually getting new windows.  These windows do not open or close all the way and the outside of the window is rotting because of that blasted leak.  In an ideal world….I would love a new light in there…we shall see.

I will go through my progress and I will tell you that all the chemical agents I have hoarded over the years are now gone and I’m making new cleaners to replace the old cleaners and I’m doing it the essential oil, all natural route.  Pretty pumped about that.  I will put my recipes down, as I make them and I will be completely honest with if they work well or not.

I need this laundry room functional and not an eye sore.  It was such a lovely room before the roof leaked and ruined it all…oh and the air not working.  Noah got under the house and he did his best, but alas, his best was not quite good enough.  I’m not sure what we will do.  I know once the windows get replaced, I can put a fan in them and draw out that hot hair and utilize that more.

I would like a tension rod or a makeshift clothes line to hang up things that do not need to be dried.  I am also going to have Big Daddy make me some shelves to go behind my washer and dryer to add some space for the laundry detergent.  I purchased this lovely broom/mop holder.  Love it.  I also moved my washer over a bit and bought a small space saving cart.  It currently holds all of our cleaning supplies, so we were able to get them out of that wretched, nasty closet.  You can click on the picture for a description of the what you are seeing 🙂

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