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Oh, How I Love Thee

I met a wonderful lady who has an equally wonderful Eeryore-ish husband.  I love this lady and I’m quite fond of her husband…his presence makes me smile.  She is just good all the way around.  Well, her Eeyore-ish husband mentioned, last Christmas, that his sweet wife had gotten him a new KINDLE FIRE for Christmas.  He was thrilled and so incredibly proud of it and her thoughtfulness.  I asked what all he did on his KINDLE FIRE and he said he like to watch Youtube videos.  I had never done that, but was curious as to what all Youtube had to offer.

I am now OBSESSED with Youtube and I subscribe to a few people and I love their videos.  One Youtuber (Itsjustkelli) introduced me to a product that I am simply in love with.  The ZOMBIE PACK is a facial, skin tightening, pore tightening phenomenon.  When I put it on….it begins hardening and tightening all over my face.  Now, I did, in the beginning use too much of the ZOMBIE PACK JUICE and it was incredibly runny.  I figured that out quick.  Since I used too much, I ran out of the juice when I still had like 8 little packets left.  I thought the ZOMBIE PACK JUICE was some special blend of greatness.  It wasn’t!  I ended up using water with the rest of my packs and it works just as well.

I LOVE to peel things (like a good sunburn) and this fits right into my insanity.  I go upstairs, wash my face, apply this ZOMBIE PACK, let it harden…pull up Hulu or Netflix…let it harden and then I peel till my little heart is content.  It is my happy place.  No one bothers me…I peel….I wipe off the excess (yes you do look like a zombie), I put some lotion on and then I vacuum up the mess in the morning.  It is a win win when I’ve had a stressful day.

I highly encourage you to check out the ZOMBIE PACK on Amazon…..


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