Dear RAD:

I absolutely, positively hate you.



“If you restore all my privileges, I’ll be good.”

“Yes, this is the rule XYZ, no I did not obey it because I did not want too.”

“Brother spies on me and then gets me in trouble.  I hate that.  Yes, I did exactly what he said, but I wanted too and I did not want you to find out.”

“I won’t do what you tell me to do because I do not have too.”

“You must respect me.”

“I don’t care what you think, I can make everyone believe you are crazy.”

“I need attention….I demand attention and I do not care how I get it.”

“No, I did not eat that last roll…these are crumbs from this morning when I ate cereal.”

“There is no chocolate shoved in my pillowcase… is caramel.”

“I lie because I can.”

“If you would just listen, I can explain why I stole sister’s tablet and looked up ways to murder you all in your sleep.  I was learning proper technique.”

“I did not steal the money, just the change.”

“I do not want to obey because it is not fair to do my chores.”

And the music goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on…..tis a day in the life.  This is how my week is going and it is only Tuesday….hope everyone else is having a spectacular week.

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