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Lyme: Easy to Diagnose; Easy to Treat

  • Lyme: easy to diagnose, easy to treat.

You might assume that if it were a possible root cause to your illness that your medical provider would have considered that prior to your diagnosis and there’s no need to consider it now.

So why isn’t it standard practice for anyone that shows signs of autoimmune illness, mental illness, autism or other related illnesses?

It’s pure and simple and nothing shows it better than this picture of Callie administering her own IV antibiotics that cost us (with insurance) $700 per week. 

Yes we had insurance but they paid for only the first 30 days of treatment. Thirty days is not nearly enough.

She did this 3-4 times each day and would become very very ill afterwards.

Our medical system has been taken over by greed thus tying the hands of and misinforming our medical personnel.

I admired his conviction but honestly I cannot imagine risking my livelihood for someone I barely know.

Please do not assume your doctors considered the possibility of Lyme before diagnosing you with something else.

Btw we found a much cheaper alternative so don’t let that scare you.

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