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Lyme Does NOT Travel Alone

It’s important to not think chronic Lyme disease only stems from ticks.

It is most often congenital and is a gift handed down from your parents.

One of the reasons it can be difficult to diagnose or be considered is because the symptoms are so broad.

The symptoms are broad because there are several co-infections that go along with Lyme and everyone has a different combo of them.

Lyme never comes alone it always brings at least one co-infection.

Your symptoms may be fatigue and pain while another has migraines or depression.

That’s because you have different co-infections.

Callie had Lyme and four co-infections well guess who tested positive (although symptom free) for Lyme and the same four co-infections?

My parents–yup!

Why are they symptom free?

Here’s how it works: God made you with a fully functioning immune system and if we left it alone it can handle all the gunk we inherited plus things we are exposed to now.

Any number of things can give it a whack and make it limp a bit where it is not able to fight at its full potential.

When that happens some of these congenital things can pop up.

Of course we all know that the food we eat and all the junk we are doing to ourselves are a factor and then other things can give your immune system a whack that’s just enough to be a trigger.

For Callie it was an exposure to an insecticide (probably while playing soccer) and then her 6th grade booster shots that whacked hers just enough that a month after having them she began having her first of many symptoms.

I’ve heard others have been in a car wreck, gone through a divorce, (any big stress), gotten a flu shot, had anesthesia or a major health crisis and afterwards their symptoms began.

All of those things can affect the function of your immune system letting congenital Lyme take over.

So if your family tree looks similar to the one below there’s probably a good reason for it.

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