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These are NOT Stretch Marks

These are not stretch marks.
These are Bartonella marks a
co-infection of Chronic Lyme Disease.
Many people that have Lyme think they have stretch marks but actually they are Bartonella marks.
Barts is an especially nasty one.
Barts has MANY symptoms including:
Unexplained fevers
Anxiety/Panic attacks
Severe rage
Muscle tremors
Memory loss
Polyps around major organs
Intravascular disease
Eye disorders and vision loss
Sharp frontal headaches
Weight gain

Swollen lymph nodes
Muscle weakness
Brain fog
And many more ….
Thanks to Bartonella our Callie fainted for six years.
Six years of no driving, no swimming alone, no participating is normal teenage things that might cause her harm.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Callie had proper testing early so we could have fixed his before she missed so much “normal”?

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