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How Many of These Diagnosis Do You Have?

Four wasted years…..

Nine doctors and multiple misdiagnosis.

Thousands of dollars and I mean THOUSANDS for treatments and medications.

The list in this picture is just a partial list of possible misdiagnosed diseases that are actually Lyme.

We valued each of the nine doctors and tried their treatments for vasovagal syncope, chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance and fibromyalgia.

Four years wasted we could have been attacking.

Do not be fooled.

We love and value our medical friends but they themselves have not been educated properly about Lyme disease and its co-infections.

Among the list of doctors for Callie included specialists at Vanderbilt and Kosair’s.

They simply don’t know about it.

Again, you don’t have to be bit by a tick and have the tell-tale bullseye rash.

It can be passed to you in other ways.

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