Passport to Purity

Passport to Purity entered my life about 6 years ago, when my oldest daughter had just turned 13. I read over it and what I was reading was astounding.  I never knew the things that the Raineys were saying.  It was so nice to get away with her and focus on who she is in Christ and her worth in Him.
With the busyness of life, it can be so overwhelming (especially in a large family) to find the time to get away with your child before your child jumps into the dating world.  The lessons and the activities were spot on for all the things I wanted to teach my children but didn’t know how to do it where they would understand.  I also wanted something that would stay with them.  By having the hands on activities (which are easily bought at any dollar store, for the most part), our weekend was filled with uncomfortable topics made doable by Passport to Purity.  It was also important to me to be able to span across this topic for my daughters and my sons.  Passport to Purity, again, does this flawlessly.

I encourage all my readers to look into this and to take advantage of the 25% off that is being advertised.  There is a great offer to receive 25% off the getaway kit by using the promo code PASSPORT.  This promo code is good through 8/31/15.Passport to Purity Promotion

Time moves so quickly.  Enjoy your family, your child, and teach them the ways of the Lord when they are young…and when they are older, they will not depart from it.

 Your child begins the journey into adolescence in a world of sexting, bullying, online stalking and moral defiance.  Innocence is under attack, and you cannot win the battle with a single awkward talk or a strict set of rules.  The primary defense for your child is a strong relationship with you and with God.  FamilyLife developed Passport2Purity (P2P) to assist you in building heart-to-heart communication with your preteen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare him or her for the turbulent years ahead.  Through the shared listening experience, object lessons and guided conversations of a P2P weekend getaway, you can set your son or daughter on a journey of moral integrity – and strengthen the bond between you.  It is designed to be used by a mother and daughter or a father and son when the child is a preteen.  It is suggested that the materials be completed over a weekend away from home, as the child may be more open to discussing the topics away from his or her normal environment.  If this isn’t possible, the material can be completed over a period of four or five weeks.
About the getaway kit:
(1) Tour Guide for the parent, (1) Travel Journal for the preteen including 25 follow-up devotions, and (8) CDs containing 5 sessions, scripture memory songs and downloadable MP3s:  Session 1: Beginning the Journey – Challenges, Traps, and Choices; Session 2: Running With The Herd – Friendships and Peer Pressure; Session 3: Ready For An Upgrade? – Changes in Him, Changes in Her; Session 4: Destination: Lé Pure – Setting Boundaries; Session 5: Crossing The Date Line – Seeing Dating Differently
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