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Memorial Day

I have always had the utmost respect and love for soldiers and their families.  I have been, personally, touched by family members and friends who have sacrificed to provide my family with the freedom that we have come to enjoy and frankly, take for granted.

This past week….it has been an honor and a privilege to walk along Arlington Cemetary to see all the people who gave their lives for our freedom.  Humbling.

We saw the changing of the guards.  Humbling.

We also were able to see the ceremony that takes place when the wreath is placed.  Humbling.

There was a funeral, taking place….the gun salute.  Humbling.

There were soldiers on black horses with their black carriage, carrying a soldier’s body.  Humbling.

It.  Was.  All.  Humbling.

When you see a veteran or someone who is active in the military.  Shake their hands.  Thank them.  When they are with their families.  Shake their hands too, and thank them as well.  The families sacrifice so very much.

Here are a few pictures from this trip.

101_0196 101_0198 101_0199  20150521_114924 20150521_115039 20150521_115759 20150521_115821 20150521_120825 20150521_120830 20150521_121837 20150521_125151 Arlington1     IMG_20150521_115022032 IMG_20150521_115800382 IMG_20150521_115811549 IMG_20150521_115817001 IMG_20150521_121533229 IMG_20150521_121828552 IMG_20150521_122134628 IMG_20150521_122426121 IMG_20150521_123225171 IMG_20150521_123835688 IMG_20150521_123840578 IMG_20150521_123847430  IMG_20150521_125151935 IMG_20150521_125252112 IMG_20150521_125949628 IMG_20150521_130107101 IMG_20150521_130813538

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