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You CAN Help Change a Child’s Life

My person, Megan, and her family are IN LOVE with this face.  In.  Love.  He has the opportunity to be sponsored, this summer.  In doing that, they need your help IMMEDIATELY.  I, personally, know these sweet people.

We are not all called to adopt BUT we are all called to do something.

Can you do that something?

How much money can be raised.  100% of the funds raised goes towards his sponsorship!


Message from Megan:

News!!! While I am still trying to raise the funds needed to travel to Ethiopia (hoping to have it all covered before the start of the new year) I have found out some exciting news on our boy (13) Matiwos! He currently is living in an orphanage, with about 200 other children. 

The good news is…he is not only MOWA ready (which if you don’t know what this means it is a huge deal if he is going to be adopted!!) but he is available to host this summer!!! That’s right, he has the chance to come to America for one month this summer!!! It’s an amazing opportunity that not every child gets. We are even more excited to try and raise the funds needed to get him here!

The bad news….we only have one week to raise them!

However, after a generous grant of $500, he only needs $2500 to get to the states. While that may seem like a lot of money for one trip, think about what this would mean to Matiwos…It would mean one month that he didn’t have to worry about going hungry. It would be one month where he took a hot shower every day. One month where he was tucked into bed every night. One month of security, love, and affection. One month where he gets to be a kid. I’d say that one month is worth far more than whats being asked for.

So we ask that you spread the word, pray, and donate! He needs your help and he needs it now!!

We are hoping to, not only, raise the money to get him to the US for sponsorship, this summer…we are hoping to raise and additional $3000 so I can get to Ethiopia and be with him, for a time.

The paypal information is as follows (know this is all tax deductible):

Or you can give directly to their agency

Donors MUST attach a note to their check or identify your family’s name in the memo box on the check. Project 143
cannot issue a tax receipt if checks are made out to anyone besides our organization. Checks must contain an email
address to receive donation receipts. Please send checks to:
180 Sink Farm Rd., Mooresville, NC 28115
Office: 704-997-6023
Fax: 800-228-7143
Attn: Lisa Kroemer

(Note: PayPal receipts also serve as donation receipts for tax purposes.) You can access our Pay Pal donation page
through our website  Click the DONATE button on our front page and proceed through the process of paying
through PayPal. Please allow for fees of up to 3% being taken out of your donation using PayPal. Therefore, the full
amount of your donation will not directly transfer into your hosting account, but rather the donation less the PayPal fees.

Host (HOPE) Families MUST note your family’s name in the comment box so your donation can be easily identified.

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