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Reminder and Reason!

I get a lot of hits for Reactive Attachment Disorder or Reactive Attachment Disorder in Adults.  I do post on that but I also have it set to where you need a password.

One of my posts ended up in the hands of a troll and it was broadcast in a not so nice way.  Since the actions of one person were so upsetting to me, I set all my RAD posts as private.

If you are genuinely interested in reading these posts, please feel free to email me at for the password.

If you are one of those lovely troll people, then I will be happy to block your cheerful wretched behind 🙂

Tomorrow, I will post my weekly menu and my healthy lifestyle update.  I will also be drawing the winning name for the DVD Grace of God.  You can “like” this post or my previous two posts for entry.  Please remember that I will need your email address to contact the winner!

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  1. jenn56093 #

    Trolls grrr.


    April 20, 2015

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