Weekly Menu

Low Carb Lasagna/Keto Bread/Salad

**edited to say the keto bread was nasty….N.A.S.T.Y….nasty**

Creamy Ham and “Potato” Casserole/Steamed Broccoli and Lemon/Peas/Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions

**All of this was fan-freaking-tastic**


White Castle Hamburger Casserole/Roasted Asparagus with Feta/Zucchini Spears

**Yum Yum Yum**

Fried Chicken/Mashed Potatoes/Mac & Cheese/Green Bean Casserole/Chips (full of carbs, but it is the last birthday dinner of the season)

Wednesday nights we eat at church and Sundays, I don’t cook.

I’m excited that I’m making some new recipes this week.¬† I hope they turn out good.


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