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Healthy Lifestyle Update

I guess I should give you all an update on my eating better lifestyle.

Big Daddy and I, since January 5, been eating WAY better.  We have saved boatloads of money because we only eat out once a week.

The first two, we just ate *really* clean.  There were lots of salads, veggies and fruit.  We counted calories.

Our first 2 weeks, I lost a whooping 3 lbs.  Big Daddy, however, lost 12.

So proud of him, but still want to throat punch him 🙂

The next week, we were encouraged to lower our carbs.  So, we did that.  It wasn’t so bad.  I’ve cut down to a coke every other day.  I don’t have a sweet tooth, so that is not a problem.  We are still not eating past about 7.  He exercises more than me cause….I just don’t want too!

We are now drinking tons of water and tons of green veggies and tons of meat.  I am relearning how to cook old favorites and I’m doing a lot of homework.

We are now down 20 lbs and 7 lbs respectively.  We take Sundays off and we eat what we want, though the fries I ate are sitting on my stomach like a brick 😦

I am frustrated at the lack of losing, but I know that I’m losing at a healthy rate and consistently.  On a great note, my clothes are a bit looser and I had my first person tell me they could tell, today…so HUGE boost to my confidence.

It’s the little things.

Today, I drank 2 cokes and will proceed to lick the cheese off a bag of doritos.  I may even have alfredo popcorn later….who knows.  I will pay for it, tonight, but it is my free day and I will enjoy it to the fullest (even though it is going to tear my stomach up and I will end up spending the evening in the bathroom)!!!!!

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