Fun and LOTS of Food Day

Recently, my Martha (mom) asked me to possibly help her cook/freeze foods for her and Pop.

I love to cook.

I love to freeze.

I love to freezer cook.

I jumped at the thought and I pulled her together a list of some of my family’s most popular dishes.

She chose several.  She did part of her grocery shopping.  I did part of her grocery shopping.  Then we planned a date.

We have cooked all day long.  We have laughed, shared memories, fixed computers, solved the world’s problems and tended to Pop.

My kids LOVE spending time with them.  Boo “helped” Pop all day long in the leather business.  My heart just swells when my parents spend time with my kids and my kids eat it up.

My Other Mom came over and she grazed on what we made (we needed a person who would sample all of our goodies).  She loved on the kids and played dominoes forever!

I’m so blessed to have so many people, who have invested their time and love in me and my family.

I hope to do this again….it was a long, sweaty day but so worth the memories that I made and that my children made.



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