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Really Good Website

I don’t normally post about websites that I like, but I’ve been skimming this one and it seems to have a lot of information, as well as, some great recipes.

There is a list of almost zero calorie foods (asparagus, broccoli, carrots to name a few).  There is also a section called 21 near zero calories that I will be using.  I do not, however, endorse anything on this website nor do I believe in anything that says things like “belly busting, fat blasting, and/or melt away.”

I believe in portion control, lots of fruits and veggies, exercise and self control.  The Lord didn’t make me fat in a day and He isn’t going to allow me to be skinny in a day.  It is a process…to pack on and to take off.

Be wise, seek medical attention, if necessary.  Listen to your body.  I do use this to log in my calories (I have ONLY been counting calories and not fat) and my exercise.  I can also put my recipes in one area of this and it calculates the amount of calories per serving.

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  1. jenn56093 #

    Amen sista, so many people think there is a magic pill or special diet that will take the pounds off instantly. You can do it!!!


    January 15, 2015
    • It has been slow, but I am sleeping a nit better and I have more stamina. Trying to retrain my brain and body….. its hard.


      January 15, 2015

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