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Face + Vat O Parmesan = Happy Me

It has been SO hard to eat healthy.  So.  Very.  Hard.  I’m so thankful that Big Daddy is doing this and that we are doing it all together.  It makes things a tad bit more tolerable.  I think what is throwing my mojo off is actually using my brain and planning his (and my) breakfasts and lunches.  That and convincing myself that I’m wanting to eat out of habit, or what the clock says, or because I’m bored and I have the munchies.  I’m not hungry most of the time.  I just *think* that I am.

Last night was my first night that I could’ve put my face in a bottle of parmesan and not come up for air in a week.  I wanted it so badly that I had to just go to bed.  Last night was also the first night that Big Daddy had the munchies. He did eat, but he ate stove top popcorn and limited it to about 2 cups with no oil or butter.  I’d say that is a win.

When we were eating our lunch today (I had about 2 c. of steamed broccoli, 3 oz. grilled chicken and a 1/3 c. of colby/Jack cheese melted on top…that total was 235 calories…along with 5 glasses of water), he looked at me and said, “you know, I *feel* good.  I don’t feel like I can run up the stairs of a stadium, but I feel good.  I’m sleeping better, I have a little more energy and I haven’t had heartburn all week long.”  We have no idea if the numbers have moved on the scale, but if he feels good, he will want to continue to feel good, so he will continue, which means I have to continue.

This is good.  This is an answer to a prayer.  I pray that his stamina and drive for a healthier life will continue and that this process (we only count calories) gets easier over time and that soon, it will become second nature to us (and to our children).  I pray that we desire to move and exercise to help our hearts and our minds.  I also pray, selfishly, that we are able to get off our medications because of making better choices.  What a reward that will be.

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