Healthy Loaded Baked Potato and Chicken Casserole

Loaded Baked Potato Chicken Casserole


1 lb. chicken

(I put my chicken in the crockpot,  with water and seasoning.  I save the broth and I put it in a tupperware container. The next day, I skim the fat off of it and I freeze the good stuff in a bag)


4 Potatoes (with skin…the skin is where your goodness is)

1 T. paprika

2 T. garlic powder

6 T. hot sauce

2 c. cheddar

2 T. oil (olive oil or coconut oil is best)

1 c. bacon (I put this on a broiler pan so all the grease drips off of it)

1 c. green onion (optional for us because Big Daddy doesn’t like too many)

  In a separate dish, I add my cut up potatoes, seasoning, paprika, oil, garlic, and hot sauce.  I stir that up to make sure all the potatoes are covered and then I scoop the potatoes into a baking dish and I bake at 450 for about 40 minutes (or until tender).

There will still be reserved liquid in the bowl.  Leave that.

Add chicken to that reserved liquid and stir to coat.

Once potatoes are done, add the cooked chicken and then your toppings of bacon, cheddar and green onions.

Bake for another 15 minutes or so (covered).

Servings:  12

Calories per serving: 261

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