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Healthy Lifestyle Update

So, last year, when I embarked on this….I started out with a pop and ended 4 hours later LOL.  I had no one to hold me accountable and Big Daddy wasn’t interested, at all….so I’m still the weight I was last year 😦

This year, I have started again (because that is what I do at the beginning of the year) but this time, I hope will be different.  I have posted my last 2 nights of healthier recipes and I’m actually writing down everything that I eat.  I have been using My Fitness Pal and it is, at least, helping me to stay accountable.  Big Daddy is also on the band wagon and he even went shopping with me.

I’ve been researching some healthier breakfast/lunch options for him (and me) and so far, so good.  He has done wonderfully.  He is even working out with Boo, which of course, has made Boo’s world that his dad is doing something one on one with him.  I haven’t embarked on the physical part of my lifestyle change, right now, I’m just working on the eating.  Big Daddy is doing it all.  He is determined.  I’m so proud of him.

I have been drinking between 8-10 glasses of water.  I still have one coke a day.  For bfast, Big Daddy has a slim fast shake, a boiled egg, and some fruit.  I stick with a scrambled egg (no oil or butter) and a tablespoon of parmesan.  Sometimes, when I don’t want bfast (I’m not big on it), I drink an 8 oz. glass of orange juice.

For lunch, I have bought some super thin slices of lunch meat.  One day, I had 5 slices, 7 cheese cubes, and some carrots.  Another day, I had a huge salad with some sunflower seeds, 3 ozs. grilled chicken, and my added cheese cubes.  I’m not big on dressing, but I did use about 2 T. of lite ranch.  Big Daddy has had a HUGE salad (his has sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, craisins, chicken, and an egg).  He has also had 10 slices of that meat, cheese cubes, and almonds.  I also pack him trail mix, carrots, mandarin oranges, apple, and bananas (not all in the same day).  We have both stopped eating after 7 pm and we have been going to bed at a decent hour.

Tonight, for dinner, we are baking hamburgers and boiling hotdogs (he will have the burger without cheese or a bun…I however will have a slice of cheese and a bun LOL).  I am also making him sweet potato chips (never made them before but I put them in the dehydrator with a little bit of oil, basil, seasoning, and oregano).  Last night, I made kale chips that he loved (and so did the kids).

We are committed and Lord will, He will give us the resolve to get healthy and learn how to portion control.  We both feel bad, have some medical issues that *could* be resolved with a cleaner diet, and neither one of us sleep well.  It is time for a change.  Our kids are more active than ever and we have got to get this thing going in order to do all that we do for them.

Pray for us, as you think of it….if you haven’t heard from me in a few days, you know that I’m under the bed gnawing on a log of smoked gouda cheese!

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