New Year’s Eve

Here we are…another year in the books.  2014 is gone and we are embarking on 2015.  Wow.  Time has flown and the older that I get, the faster time moves.

I have been able to check a lot of stuff off of my bucket list.  It is exciting…..but I have a lot more to go!

One thing I wanted to do was post everyday.  Another thing was post some sort of picture everyday.  I have done that, too.  Those are two more thing that I’m crossing off of my list.

I have also enlisted a beautifully created mentor.  Wow….is she a blessing!  I’m so thankful Ms. Jo said yes when I humbly asked her to be my guide and accountability partner.  I have become a mentor…..I use that term SO loosely LOL.  I vote, it is more of a mom to mom session type thing because mentor….well, I’m not old enough or have enough life experience.  I have way too much to learn.

I have counseled quite a bit, this past year and what a blessing it has been to see beauty come from ashes within some families.  I’m so honored that the Lord equipped me and that He gave me the wisdom to step out of my comfort zone and help others.

I have a lot I want to accomplish, still….getting my practicum finished so I can take my test for my license in MFT.  I still have kids to graduate through school and I’m sure courting will be on the fore front of my world with two of my daughters.

One daughter is getting closer to leaving the nest.  I know a lot of people have tried to persuade her to move out quickly, but I’m thankful that wisdom took over for her and she realized that in order to move into a dorm, she would have a substantial student loan… would have almost tripled her college tuition and she doesn’t get a lot of grants.  These well-meaning people may think it is okay to have debt looming over their heads, but my daughter is paying as she goes through college and I’m so proud of her for using her money wisely.  I pray that this debt free attitude is something that all my children will carry throughout their lives.

I am looking forward to where the Lord is taking our family in our walk, our professional lives, our church lives, our friendships.  I am hoping and praying that the one child we have that has not professed his faith in Jesus will do so in the upcoming year.  He is still young and there is so much for him to learn and absorb….but my prayers are that the Lord takes up his sweet little heart.

I won’t be posting, everyday, as I did this year.  This daily posting was a personal goal for me.  I tend to start things and then not finish them (much to Big Daddy’s chagrin).  I’m proud of myself for setting two goals and meeting them!  I’m sure my postings won’t be missed…I have nothing of importance to say…just a lot of nonsense.  I still have a couple of girl that will be guest blogging and I’m hoping to ask a few more to do the occasional guest blog.  I love bringing other people’s perspective on the trials that they are walking through.

For now, I have the knowledge that “joy comes in the morning Ps. 30:5” and I wait with baited breath what the Lord is going to do in the new year.

May you all be blessed.

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