3 Week Meal Plan

~~~~Edited to say that I came in right at $300~~~~

I haven’t done a 3 week shopping list in a while but with the holidays coming, I figured I needed to iron it all out…for my own sanity.  I’m hoping to stay under budget which will be $300-350.

My goal is to make my own loaf bread, which I have an excellent recipe for that.  My recipes makes 2 loaves, so I can double it and make the 4 loaves that I will need for the 3 weeks.

Big Daddy gets milk pretty cheaply at a new grocery store, so we will get about 4 gallons and freeze them.

I will probably make yogurt again because we have some frozen berries we can mix in with it, but I will buy some until my yogurt sets up (1-2 days).  I will also be making granola to add to it.

I will probably have to make a mid 3 week run for cereal and “special” milk for Boo (aka Almond Milk)….ooh, nevermind on that, I think I have almonds, so I can make his milk!  Woot!

The thing that will run up my grocery bill is my holiday baking crap but, it is once a year and we use what I bake for Christmas gifts, so we are killing two birds with one stone.

I will cook 2 roasts and use it for Vegetable Soup, Beef/Broccoli Stir Fry and Beef Stew

Pasta Bake/Bread

Tater Tot Casserole/Green Bean Casserole/Cream Cheese corn

Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry/Burnt rice

Beef Stew

Chicken lasagna/bread/salad

Vegetable soup and chicken noodle soup

Chili and tacos

Breakfast (bacon, sausage, casserole, cinnamon rolls, biscuits)

Zuppa Tuscana Soup/Chicken and Dumplings (odd, I know)

Cheddar Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole/Bread/Salad

Taco Bake/Rice

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole/Corn pudding/peas/roasted potatoes

Pork Roast/mashed potatoes/cauliflower & broccoli au gratin/mac&cheese


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