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National World Aids Day


From my friend, and guest blogger, Amanda

Did you know that today is #WorldAidsDay ?

Did you know that here we are, 31 years after AIDS/HIV was first discovered and yet people STILL don’t know the TRUTH about it and that there are still millions of completely uneducated people around the world who live in fear of AIDS because of stigma?

It’s so very sad to me… Why?

Because I have two sons with HIV.

Two sons who are so cute and innocent now at the age of 3 and 8, but what will happen when they become teens or adults if people do not become educated?

What will this stigma do to them? We have been so lucky to live in a community that has been so very accepting of my boys and who don’t think anything of their positive status and have been lucky to only witness the fear of HIV a small amount of times (sadly, at doctors offices and once at an ER – by an ER doctor for heaven’s sake!!)…

I am so thankful that there have been such great strides in a cure for HIV/AIDS and I pray that they will figure it out by the time my boys are teens. Even if not, I’m so excited to know that they can still get married, have children (who are NOT HIV+), and grow old!

A few facts:
1. You cannot get HIV from hugs, kisses, changing diapers, holding hands, or sharing food or drinks! You can NEVER get HIV through casual contact
2. You can ONLY get HIV through sexual contact, sharing needles or by birth/breastfeeding. Seriously. That’s it.
3. There has NEVER been HIV transmission in a normal family setting!

^ That all said here’s a great fact sheet with some good info. Please, if you know and love someone with HIV or if you have learned TRUTH about HIV, share this or some facts. People with HIV/AIDS should NEVER feel dirty, hated or unloved. NEVER. #endstigma #spreadtruth

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