Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for….but in being thankful, I am also thinking and praying about those who are struggling.  Those people who have lost loved ones, have health problems, or who are struggling with loss and grief.

On this day, I want people to know that my home is always open.  It will be chaotic and tonight it smells like burnt cheese that dripped on my oven, but it is warm, there will be food, laughter, dog hair, love, and Jesus.  I love cooking and I love it when I am blessed enough to have people come put their feet under my table.  You may step on a lego but hey….it is the life I lead.

God is always with you, in the good time and in the bad time.  There are times when He is hard to see, but if you simply turn around, He is there…waiting with open arms.  He never left your side.  He is always in front of, beside, behind or carrying you and the constant is the fact that He NEVER leaves you or forsakes you.

I pray for peace in our country.  I pray for Little Man’s family an ocean away.  I pray for the birth family of my other two kiddoes.  I pray for direction for my children.  I pray for wisdom, understanding, and discernment.  I acknowledge those seasons that have passed for one reason or another.  I have kept what I learned or gleaned from these relationships and for the negative….I let Jesus wash those away.

The holidays are upon us…another year is passing.  With each passing year, changes occur and the knowledge of Jesus’ return become more real.

If you don’t know Jesus….know that He died for you.  As He took His last breath, on that cross, He did so with YOUR name on His lips.  He forgave you for past, present and future sins.  He is forever with you and you are forever with Him.  You can NEVER lose your salvation once He is truly in your heart.  You don’t need to ask for forgiveness over and over and over.  It would be like nailing Him to the cross every time you sinned.  When you sin, after you ask Jesus in your heart, confess and then ask Him to help you turn away from that particular sin choice and He will…in His time.  He has plans to prosper and not to harm you.  Your path will not always be roses and rainbows, but knowing Jesus and having the peace that surpasses all understanding will help you get through those tough times.  Those times are to refine you and to allow you to look more like Jesus.  Knowledge – knowing there is a God.  Belief – believing there is a God. Surrender – surrendering your life to Him by admitting you are a sinner and by grace you will be saved.

Jesus + Nothing = Everything!!!!!!!!!!

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