Stromboli…a New Kind of Way

I have seen this picture floating around facebook and I thought I would tackle it for Bug’s birthday dinner.


Take 2 cans of crescent rolls (I used name brand and generic and they both did fine).

Keep them in the rectangles instead of pulling them apart and place them evening on your pizza pan or cookie sheet (ungreased). The ends of the rectangle will overlap a bit, so I just pressed them together even more.

I took those REALLY thin slices of lunch meat (I used ham, turkey, and beef) and I would fold each thin slice in half and I layered it on around the inside of the circle, where I had pressed the rectangles together.

It ended up being 2 thin slices all the way around. Next, you add cheese. You can use whatever you like. I had some shredded white smoked cheddar, moon cheese, pepperoni cheddar, provolone and swiss. It was much easier using slices versus shredded…but I used them both.

After you do the cheese, add another layer of a different type of meat (ham, turkey, pepperoni, beef, salami) and you will put that meat over the cheese. The last layer is your second layer of a cheese.

This sounds confusing as I type it, I promise, it wasn’t.

Roll out rectangles (2 tubes of crescent rolls), press together to form a circle.

Layer thin lunch meat

Layer cheese

Layer lunch meat (a different type)

Layer cheese (a different type)

Once that last layer of cheese is on, bring your dough up over your meat/cheese layers and tuck it under. It looks like a giant wreath.

Bake at 375 for about 12-15 minutes.


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