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So Sweet

Guys, who read this, let the Lord fill your heart first.  Once He fills your heart, He will bring to you the “one” that is your forever.  Lead your lady even before you are married.  Ask her how you can pray for her.  Grow in the knowledge of the Lord as individuals and as a couple.  Be the one that is the Spiritual leader when you are courting, engaged, and not put her i in a position that has to be the one that says “let’s do a Bible study, let’s pray together, how can I pray for you?”  She is your helpmeet, not the leader.  She needs to secure her position firmly beside you and she needs to lift you up.  You have the hard job.

Girls, let the Lord fill your heart.  Do not settle for someone who is not going to take on the role of Spiritual leader.  Your job is to be submissive, loving, edifying, and to lift your man up.  If he says “can you find us a good Bible study,” then find one!  If he is willing then you can take the time to ask around and find a study that is good for you both.  Make sure you ask him how you can pray for him.  Be intentional.  You need to have your own, personal walk but you two also need to grow and walk together, spiritually.

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