In a Nutshell

I woke up at 2:30 and couldn’t sleep.

I fell back to sleep.

About 3:30 or so, Big Daddy woke me and said that Lola (the dog) was having a seizure.

I proceed to hold her tightly and for the next hour or so she drooled on my arm.

At 7:45, I woke up to Dewey (the giant farter dog), jumping around me and blowing snot in my face.

He needed to pee.

No one was up.

I went to let him out and at 7:47, I heard Gigi at the opposite end of the house SCREAMING for Francis (medium sized dog) to come to her.  (it needs to be noted that she was in her bedroom, with the door shut).

As she screamed, Sadie (weiner that will never die and is 800 yrs old) was in the laundry room and began yelping because she wanted out…she heard people.

I raise my voice to Gigi in questioning why in the sam hill she is hollering like that and waking the entire house.

Her response?

I don’t know….cause I wanted the dog and didn’t want to open the door (true story).

That, moment, led to 3 boys getting up and being severely grumpy.

It.  Has.  Been.  A.  Day.

So, to recap my week…since coming home from a mini vacation:

  • Big Daddy’s finger tingles
  • Gigi has poison something all over her face
  • Peach has poison something on her back side
  • V has strep
  • The dog puked in my floor (carpet, thank you very much)
  • Lola had a seizure
  • Sadie’s butt has no hair
  • I lost my bra
  • One kid lied
  • One kid refused to do schoolwork
  • I haven’t slept
  • Jack shaved off his eyebrows (and thought we wouldn’t notice)
  • RAD moment

….and today is only Wednesday…..

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