I. Am Tired.

Wowser what a day!  I haven’t been sleeping well for the past few nights and last night…I just didn’t feel well.  Nothing major just a lot of minor blechs.  Big Daddy let me sleep in till 10:00 🙂 Yay him and yay me!  Once up, my feet hit the floor with correction for one child (enter go to Canada looks, pouting, stomping, deflecting, and whining)…those choices landed this particular child in the realm of cleaning out my vehicle, writing 3 chapters of Proverbs, and writing “Honor Thy Father and They Mother” many many MANY times.  It seemed to calm said child and the chores were done without complaining.  Score one for me!

Today was the day to switch out clothes (screams of horror and terror).  The little boys were first because, though they are 2 years apart, they wear the same size.  They have grown tremendously, yet they still have clothes to wear.  We had several bags of good…too small…clothes that we will donate.  Once we got their stuff done; I moved onto Boo.  He is fairly easy because he can try on clothes quickly and he accepts the “too small; too tight; too big” comments with grace.  Once the clothes/drawers were done…Boo pulled out the sterilite containers from the attic and we went through those.  I hate doing this.  Gigi was the last to go.  As we were shuffling through her MOUNDS of clothes and I observed the scowls and bad looks because these were “not her style” clothes…I told her to get over herself and she would wear what we had because these are good clothes and money does not grow on trees! While going through her things…we did find all of Bug’s missing underwear.  Why Gigi had them…I don’t know.  I don’t care.  We returned them with strict instructions to watch what she throws in her dresser and to return clothes that were mistakenly put in her clothes basket.  She doesn’t pay a lot of attention….to anything…ever.  She whined a lot during the clothes trying on session.  At one point, about 8:30 we all (Big Daddy, me, Peach, and Boo) got the giggles every time she walked out and therefore she started giggling…this made the time go by so much faster.  We were laughing over stupid things and frankly, I’m just slap happy because I’m so tired.

My kids get a few pieces of clothes for their birthdays and Christmas.  We live by hand-me-downs and consignment stores.  The thing about now is that Peach (child #2) is taller than Bug (child #1) so they can’t switch out clothes.  Gigi is lightyears away from how tall Peach is, so we are storing clothes for what seems like forever.  Boo is hard on his jeans/shoes/socks so none of that can be handed down.  It’s hard, but we do sales and we buy off season in hopes that something will fit someone at some particular time.

Peach did her own thing with her clothes and so did Bug.  Peach decided to move her furniture around and as she moved her bookcase…there we found a lovely mouse nest.  That pesky mouse that would run between Bug’s room, Peach’s room, and the bathroom…yep…it lived under her bookcase (nasty nasty nasty).  Though, now, I’m chuckling a bit.  This is a picture of what a mouse nest looks like…not the one we found in her room.

As the boys were playing in the garage, Little Man came flying in and said “guess what guess what guess what???”  Big Daddy and I said “WHAT?”  He threw something at my lap and said “Look what I found in the garage by those things that are big in the garage!”  I looked and it was the hearing aid that he had lost almost 5 mths ago!!!!!!!!!  I am THRILLED!  We had a replacement made, but still, this is a backup and when you have a kid with complete hearing loss, unilaterally, a backup aid is EXCELLENT.  Bonus…it totally still works.  We popped it in his ear and made him turn around.  We were whispering “can you hear us?”  He had no response, so I turned him back around and I said “is it working, can you hear better?” and he said “yes” because that is what he always says, but we knew that wasn’t the truth because Boo was talking to him and he couldn’t hear him.  About 5 minutes into the “can you really hear me?”  His eyes lit up and he said “Holy Crap…it popped and NOW I can REALLY hear you better!”  It was hysterical.

Thanking God for miracles and provisions!

The mantle is cleaned off.  A Christmas present arrived.  The clothes have been gone through.  The laundry is done.  I made a PHENOMENAL supper (pork chop and hashbrown casserole, mac & cheese, lima beans, and garlic bread).  My kids are groomed and bathed.  The dogs are asleep.  Big Daddy is cackling to the show Chrisley Knows Best.  Big Daddy also put up our MOUNDS of clean clothes (my personal pet peeve).  Peach asked if she could write Scripture on her wall…I said YES!  She is happy.

I am tired.  Life is good.  Never dull or boring, that’s for sure!

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