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I Know My Redeemer Lives

It has been a rough day…a rough weekend.  My daughter with RAD is all over the place and my heart is stretched.  I have been meeting, weekly, with the most precious woman EVER.  She is 80 and she has stolen my heart.  Her taking the time to invest in me and to constantly point me to Christ, is something that I will be forever grateful for.  She is strong, outspoken, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES her Jerome.  To see her face light up is worth me uttering her beloved’s husbands name over and over.  She constantly tells me that he is her hero.  How precious is that.  She tells me when I have an issue to take it to the throne.  Just “tell Him like it is.”  He has “got this.”  He is “big enough to handle it.”

Today….as I was driving home, my heart heavy and my mind confused, I thought…I’ll turn on Pandora and listen to it on the way home.  The song that came up affected me tremendously and it allowed me to take that moment to release the hurt and pain to the Great Physician.

Enjoy…know that you are loved and that He has got this…whatever the “this” is in your life…He has GOT IT!

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