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Calling All Cooks


I am in need of new recipes.  So, if you would….all those people in cyberland….send me one or more recipes, I would GREATLY appreciate it and so would my family!  I can send you some recipes back, if you would like!

My email is

You can also leave recipes in the comment section, if you’d like!


This is our journey of adoption, love, homeschooling and living life to the fullest.....even if we do live in chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome).

4 thoughts on “Calling All Cooks

      1. Links to your site of course are alright. I would just like a recipe post. I so busy with school I only have time to post every now and then. Check out my blog and see the post, that is what I am looking for. You can even cook a recipe I give you if you want and just take a few pictures of the product and reflect on it.


  1. I will send you a few recipes that my family enjoys when we get home. I’m happy to spread the love of cooking with others! You are welcome to type in “recipes” in the search bar to the right and it shows all the recipes (and some pictures) that I have previously posted about. You are welcome to use any of those, just link back to my site! Thanks so much.

    From you, I’m looking for something that I can find ingredients fairly easy and that will feed my brood (I usually have to double or triple my recipes). We love Italian, American, Mexican, Ethiopian foods and are open to pretty much anything we haven’t tried. Thank you!


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