Welcome To Peach’s Restaurant

Let’s just say…Peach isn’t overly thrilled about her new job at “McPeach’s”.  Her overall assessment, based on the owner’s of the restaurant (Pam and me) were that she did a good job of organizing her menu items.  Her menu was clear.  Her space was clear and she wore gloves.  She needed to work on her communication skills and her friendliness factor, though.  She wasn’t has “high paced” as she should have been and we have got to work on counting back money.  That is a hard one, but I have confidence that once she gets the hang of it, she will move much faster and with much more confidence.

While McPeach’s was getting ready for the lunch crowd…one by one, the kids came to the banker and they received their monthly paychecks, as well as a copy of their monthly bills.  They had to pay their bills before they could eat lunch because sometimes, there just isn’t enough leftover.  It’s all about choices, sacrifices, and maturity level!  We had one in tears because her paycheck didn’t cover her monthly bills.  Once we all talked out how adults make sacrifices and learn to do without, we were able to trim her monthly bills down to an affordable amount, based on her hourly wages.  She also took on a “part time” job of cleaning houses on Saturday to make some extra money.  That was not, necessarily, time spent away from her children because while she cleaned 4 houses (at $10/hour), she was able to take her kids with her.  That gave her some time with them and it eliminated a babysitter/daycare fee.  Most kids opted to haul their own trash off, instead of paying for pickup.  We also had some kids cancel their landline and opt for a cellphone only.  Some took away their internet, opting to go to the library; while others trimmed down insurance options and downsized their vehicles to cut down on gas. It was cool watching their minds work and problem solve.

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