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Such Fun

Our family was invited to visit a dear friend, yesterday.  He cooked out for my entire crew (he needs a crown for that)!  We laughed, remembered old times and allowed our children to get re-acquainted.  It was so nice.  I met Jason and his family about 18 years ago.  We had moved into our first home, with our then 9 mth old daughter, Bug.  We lived on a quiet, dead end road.  As I looked out, I saw a guy working on his house, across the street.  I went over and introduced myself and I met his, then wife and their daughter…also 9 mths old.  We all hit it off and became fast friends.  Over the course of this 18 years….his wife and I were pregnant with two more children who are no more than 2 weeks apart in age.

We were all about the same age.  We had been married about the same time.  We each had a 3 children (we were pregnant together for the last 2 of those kids) and we had lots o fun!!!!!!!!!!!  Life happens…my friends built a new house and moved, not too far…then more life happened.  There are seasons of friendships, within this world and he was (and is still considered) one of my dearest friends…though we do not keep in touch like we should.  His kids are 18, 16, and 13 …  My kids (and Big Daddy’s LOL) are 18, 16, 13, 13, 10, and 8.  We got busy!

We happened to notice that Jason had one of his vehicles for sale and because he is the best mechanic anywhere…we trusted him and bought it for our daughter, Peach.  In that “transaction”, we also inherited his chickens LOL.  We finally made a date to get our families together and yesterday was that day!  I am looking forward to many other get togethers with Jason and his kids!!!!!!!

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