Thoughts on Lifeskills Class

Please, chime in if you have any comments or suggests!!!!!!!!

Peach (works at McDonald’s):  We *sort of* have this ironed out.  She will be doing daily lunches, at my house.  She will have to make sure the bathrooms, during the lunch hour, are clean.  She will also have to keep the dining area clean and, of course, the kitchen clean.  She will create menus with prices.  She will pull that hair back and slap on those rubber gloves.  She will cook, serve, collect money, and clean.  One day a week, she will be cooking McD type items (burgers, cheeseburgers, McChickens, fries) for our two families.  She will have to create fry holders and wrap all items appropriately.  She will be accepting checks, debits, and cash…she must learn how to count cash back.  We would like to get a field trip to a fast food place (or any restaurant) to see how things really work.  Pizza Hut is usually really good at doing this.

Gigi (farmer):  She has had to clean out the meat chicken’s coops and the laying hen coops.  She has had to feed and water all farm animals.  She has had to transfer the horse poop and work it through the garden area to prepare it for planting next year.  She is weeding flower gardens and soon will be planting fall flowers.  She will learn how to feed horses/cows properly, any “how-tos” with horse maintenance.  We will planning a field trip to a local farmer and learn how to milk cows and work tobacco farms.  She will work the yards of both families.

Boo (stay at home dad):  We have that pretty much covered. Whatever I have to do, he does.  He will also be spending at least one day a week with Pam and her family being a stay at home dad to them…cleaning/cooking/chauffering, etc.

Catfish (army):  He will do exercise drills, hiking, learning how to live in the woods, shoot guns…he will teach a couple of times to all the kids and everyday do drills with my children.  We are going to try and plan a field trip to Ft. Campbell…we shall see on that one.  We will also be planning a field trip to the police station, ambulance service and fire department.  In doing that, we will bake these people cookies and create cards to show our respect and appreciation for all they do.

Little Man (doctor):  He will take blood pressures, pulses, and blood sugars from everyone in the family, as well as Pam’s family.  He will learn how to clean out cuts, what types of creams to use on burns or cuts, how to bandage properly.  We would like to go on a field trip to a local doctors office.  We will also try to get a field trip to the health department.  They will talk about nutrition, staying healthy, how to do examines (hearing and vision), etc.

Precious (engineer):  She will build us things, but first she has to design it.  We need a place for a field trip, but I’m sort of at a loss….

Muffin (factory worker):  She will organize closets, make lists, and learn how to make life a bit simpler.  We are trying to plan a field trip to a window making company and a paper company.  She will do this for both families.

Norman (lawyer):  He has going to have to defend a case of our choosing between two other children.  He will prepare witnesses, interview, and do all the legwork for this case and present it in front of a judge.  We will be attending felony court, plea court and sentencing.  He will be required to dress the part.  He will also interview (hopefully) a judge, a lawyer and a probation/parole officer.

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  • Wow, these are some really great ideas! I only have one ten-year-old, but it would still be neat to do unit studies for him and have him change jobs once a month or so. So cool!

    • My kids are loving it! It has been letting that “control” go and letting them figure it out, but I just keep thinking to myself….I’m preparing someone a WONDERFUL future spouse!

      Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

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