Raising Teens

I have 4.5 teenagers (4 of my own and 1 honorary).

They are exhausting.

Between the “go to Canada” looks;

the hair flipping (that would be boys and girls);

armpit hair measurement (its important, people!);

constant eating;

impromptu crying;

insanely loud giggly;

eye rolls;

huffs and puffs;

foot stomping;

door slamming;

smart mouthed;

silent treatment;

raging hormones;

and all that other jazz..

I find myself calling my parents to simply apologize for being born.

One of my children, in the midst of an anger fit announced her up and coming goals.

What might this goal be, you ask?

Move to California when this child turns 18 and work at McDonald’s.

At least she has a goal.


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