Good Grief

This is my convo with a certain child…

**Me noticing that child had stacked books up, as in saying “I’m done” and getting in the shower to take the hour it takes to get ready for church…all without saying a word to me**

Me:  Go get all your books and let me make sure that you are done since you have proven that you struggle with truth in the completion department.

Child:  Okay.

Me:  If any work has been purposefully skipped, not done or ignored…I reserve the right to discipline you by not allowing you to go to church tonight.  You not only have to finish said work, but you must go to bed early for the next 2 nights.

Child:  Okay

Me:  Is it safe to say that your work is not completed or skipped over.

C:  Yes.

M:  Why is your work not done

C:  i-dont-know***worst answer EVER***

M:  That is not an acceptable answer…why is your work not done.

C:  I don’t like school and I don’t want to do it.

M:  Well, you have 5 more years of it and then you can decide whether or not you want to go to college or just get a job.  As long as you can support yourself.  Why is your history not done?

C:  I don’t like the questions at the end of the chapter.  I just don’t like book work.

M: **face palm**  Well, you have proven that you cannot handle computer work and you don’t like bookwork, so what do you propose that we do?

C:  I just want to go to PS, it will be SO much easier because the teacher stands over you and gives you the answer.

M:  What would happen if you handed in your work and it wasn’t done?

C:  I’d get an F.

M:  What do you think would happen if you told your teacher that you didn’t like the questions at the end of the chapter?

C:  She would tell me to do it anyway.

M:  How is that different than from here?

C:  It will be FUNNER at school.

M:  Let’s call Jojo…a seasoned teacher and you can ask her these questions to see what her answers would be

**insert calling Jojo and her saying “that student would get a zero, I don’t care if you don’t like the book, do it anyway; no I do not stand over my students because it is 30 to 1; suck it up and get it done because if God meant for you to be an adult, you would have come out of the womb as an 18 year old”**

Cue tears.

Cue stomping.

Cue finishing schoolwork while sobbing at her desk.

Add this into another child not doing his work because “he didn’t want to try.” Then the dog peed in the floor while another dog let a poop storm hit…In.  My.  House. because she was scared non existent thunderstorm.  Not to mention the hearing aids that have to be sent back because they are not “communicating” with each other and a raging headache.

This mama is D.O.N.E. for the day.  Stick a fork in me…I am DONE!

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