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How Can You Help?

Nicole Johnstone Hall is needing your help immediately!

Please click on the above link if you feel led to help bring her children home.

You may not be called to adopt…but you are called to aid in the fatherless and you can do something…even it is just sharing this on your facebook page. Pray for God’s guidance and answer the call.

   “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.”

James 1:27


My two kids, Helen & Addis, are waiting for me to come get them in Ethiopia. They have spent their entire lives in an orphanage and are ready to be loved by a family. My family. My best friend, Kristi Thomas, and I are all set to go get them on the 21st of August. THAT’S IN 3 DAYS!!! Tickets have been purchased and arrangements have been made. We were all ready until today, when we received a bill adoption related that we were NOT expecting. THIS BILL NEEDS TO BE PAID BEFORE OUR KIDS CAN COME HOME!! Our fundraising was over. We had planned out every dollar. We did not budget for this.  We are asking for DONATIONS to help bring my kids home on time. We are not sharing our kids stories because it’s their story to tell, but we need to get our son home for medical attention,NOW. Please if you feel moved by adoption, have a heart for orphans or simply want to help, please DONATE to our LAST MINUTE FUNDRAISER.  We so appreciate it. We also appreciate you sharing this on your Facebook page and helping get the word out that we are really NEEDING to raise this money NOW.  Thank you.        

“Once you adopt a child, they become your biological child.” – Karyn Purvis


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