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Adoption Series: Question 1

  1. If you could nail down the top three reasons why you chose to adopt, what would they be?

8C9556989-tdy-choosing-adoption-promo-131101-02.blocks_desktop_largeJill K.

We wanted boys and after two girls our chances were not so high and we did not want a ton of kids, so adoption is a good idea. And also motivated by population issues, which is not the norm in adoption.

Ashley S.

We felt like God was calling us to be a family to a child who needed one. Plain and simple. We felt like we couldn’t look away after we’d seen what we had seen (the numbers and faces of children who die from not having families/healthcare/food).

That was pretty much our only reason. Being faithful to what God was calling us to. We had a million reasons not to… but this one reason TO DO IT trumped all of the reasons not to.


For us there is really only one reason we chose to adopt. Each time we have started an adoption, we have felt it was prompted by The Lord. We feel this is the way The Lord has chosen that we build our family. Adoption is not our second choice or third choice or backup plan.
For us, adoption was our first and only choice.

For more information on the participants adoption stories…please visit their personal blogs.

Jill K.:

Mandy Gerrald:…/

Warren Myers:…/adoption-is-not-a-rescue-its…/

Ashley Sanders:

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