You know there is a problem when…

The boy who is interested in your daughter

shows up at your home

with an envelope in his hand

asks to speak to you

and says

“Ms. Brandi, I was dishonest with you, on Sunday.  You frightened me when you asked me if there was anything you needed to know.  I want to tell you now and show you my….


Yes, people, he handed me his extensive arrest record.

I had friends at this dinner, who love my daughter like their own.  The look on my face was I’m sure priceless, but looking across the table at John John and Pam was a sight to behold.

I believe at one point, as speechless (yes it does happen) as I was, that John John looked at this young man who had an interest in my daughter..he stared him down and said “uhm, no….just no.”

We fed the young man…he asked for a photo op with Big Daddy and me.  We opted against that.  We were nice and we wish him well, but heck no techno you are NOT dating my daughter.

“I’m a Christian but I will punch you in the face” LOLOLOLOL

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