Getting It Ready

Over the last couple of weeks, it has been weighing on me that I’m no where NEAR ready to start school with the kids.  I have even been uttering the words public school to Big Daddy because, well, there are just days when I wish I followed the rest of the crowd.

And then, I am reminded that “I am called to be a city on a hill.”

Well, crap.

I have finally got the kids stuff printed and put in the new binders I bought them (yes, homeschoolers still enjoy back to school shopping with all the fresh pencils and packaged paper).  Today, I’ve worked through organizing the school closet, which I got side tracked and made the kids go through and deep clean their rooms.  After the rooms were clean, I cleaned the carpet (we all need to start school with a clean carpeted room).  Then, I moved back to the school closet, which I finished 🙂

I had the boys go through the front closet (consists of games, toys, and many many books).  We got that all cleaned out and gone through.  Peach went through the movies and organized them, again (not a normal pre-school activity, but hey, I say go for it.)

Tomorrow, we will finish the game closet, tackle the junk drawer and then put all the stuff back in its rightful spot in the laundry room.  I may even clean out the closets/drawers of the bathrooms.  Who knows!

I am just really in the nesting phase and I’m gearing up.  When school starts, deep cleaning/organizing is a thing of the past until we have a break.  I may even make muffins tomorrow…the possibilities are endless.

Oh!  I also got my “back to school” cut/color…my hairs are SO purple…I can not even describe.  I love love love it and I’m so thankful that the House of Style is back in business after taking time off to have baby Ande…whom I got to cuddle with today.



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