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Amazon Trade In

On (I’m not getting paid for any comments I make about amazon), you can go to your account and then, on the right, there is a link called “trade-in” account. 

If you have any textbooks (electronics, video games, movies, or music) from college or homeschooling, that are in good condition and you are no longer using, I would suggest seeing if amazon allows a trade-in for that book.

You place your ISBN number in the search bar and if it is allowed, then it will come up with the “trade-in” value.  Your book has to be in good condition.  Once you submit your trade in, you can print out a packing slip and then you send your books off.  There is an option where you can select for amazon to return your book or keep your book if they deem it unfit to resell.

If it is accepted, you get that trade in value added to your account, as a gift card.  You can use it for anything you want on amazon.  I just made $68 and now I can go and look for stuff for my kids for birthdays/Christmas or something I want or Big Daddy wants. 

We love amazon. 🙂  I wish I was getting paid because amazon makes me super happy 🙂


Added just because this picture makes me incredibly happy!

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